Reliable Boiler Installation and Repair in Beckenham

Boilers and Heating Beckenham

Boiler and Heating Beckenham

We rely on our boilers every day to enable us to complete everyday tasks such as showering and washing up in the kitchen. As such it’s important to keep our boilers in top shape, but to do that you need to find a company that’s reliable, capable, and transparent. In Beckenham, that company is Plumbing Heating Gas.

Plumbing Heating Gas has years of experience in dealing with boilers. Established in 2014, our company has worked with homeowners and businesses in addressing and solving boiler issues. When it comes to boiler repair and installation, we’re a trusted team in Beckenham, London because we respond in a timely fashion, do only the work that is necessary, keep you informed of what we are doing and why, and offer competitive rates.

Boiler Repair

When your boiler malfunctions, it is important to stay proactive. A quick response can prolong the life of your equipment and prevent problems from worsening. Talk to us – no matter how difficult or complex the issue is, our team can help. We understand the need to get the boiler up and running again as quickly as possible, especially during the cold weather months. The technicians we dispatch your home have been rigorously trained and have extensive real-world experience bringing troublesome boilers back online.

At Plumbing Heating Gas, we address boiler issues as soon as they are discovered. We provide 24/7 repair services all year round. If your boiler breaks down, all you need to do is give us a call. We have plumbers in your area and will head to your site to fix the problem. Our dependability is one of the cornerstones of our business. We understand our customers have lives and businesses too, so we strive to reach them as quickly as possible. When our technicians arrive, they get straight to work diagnosing the problem and effecting repairs.

Boiler Installation

While we do everything possible to return your troubled boiler to a productive state, the fact is that some boilers are beyond repair and require an immediate replacement. If that is the case, we will explain exactly what is wrong, why the boiler needs to be replaced, and present options for you to consider. If you agree to replacement, we will have the correct unit delivered to your home as quickly as possible and install it without delay. If you have a new unit that you want us to install, we can do the work for you.

If your boiler is still operating but you have reason to believe replacement will soon be warranted don’t wait until the boiler breaks down and leaves you high and dry to act. Give us a call and arrange for a new boiler installation straight away. If you need advice on the most suitable boiler, you’ve come to the right place. We work with a wide selection of boiler manufacturers, from Vaillant to Worcester Bosch. There are many efficient, cost-effective, and reliable options we can choose from for you. The most important thing for your sake and the sake of your loved ones is to act before the need becomes acute.

Boiler Maintenance

In our experience boilers often break down prematurely because they have not been properly maintained. Scheduling regular maintenance of your boiler is an affordable way to fend off expensive repairs down the line. Regular maintenance also ensures your boiler will enjoy the longevity it was designed to deliver.

Remember, the boiler is a complex mechanism. Like all complex mechanisms, it needs to be looked at from time to time to make sure everything is operating normally, and to address any small issues before they develop into major ones. Regular maintenance from Plumbing Heating Gas is how you do that.

Work with Us

From a one-man business, Plumbing Heating Gas is now a fully staffed team that have years of experience in dealing with boilers. We are determined to provide excellent service by retaining the same standard of quality craftsmanship at all times.

Don’t let boiler issues fester and lead to breakdowns that require expensive repairs. Ask us about regular boiler maintenance. And if you need emergency assistance, don’t hesitate to call us now on 020 8776 0574.

Boiler Repair and Installation in Beckenham

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Why choose Plumbing-Heating-Gas Ltd?

There are plenty of plumbers and boiler engineers to choose from nowadays, but when it comes to your home or business you want to be sure you make the right choice. In fact, many of our customers either come back to us if they need any of our other services or have recommended us to friends and family. You can find out what they say about us here. Here are some reasons why our customers use and recommend us:

We are fully trained, qualified and experienced

We are Gas Safe registered, as required by law

We have a friendly and professional attitude

We genuinely care about you and your property

Are local to Bromley and the surrounding areas

We can work around and fit into your schedule

We find solutions for your plumbing and heating problems

Offer a 12-month guarantee on all installation work

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Call us straightaway on 020 8776 0574 or 07940 640 191!

If you have a snapped tap, broken-down boiler, or burst pipe gushing water everywhere, call us at any time of the day or night. We offer a 24/7 emergency service all year round to help you get your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible. And we’re sure you will find our prices very reasonable too.

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